Applied Mathematics for Physical Chemistry free ebook

Book Title: Applied Mathematics for Physical Chemistry
By: James R. Barrante
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Edition: Second
ISBN: 0137417373
Pages: 227
Book type: PDF
File size: 9.97MB
eBook Title: Applied Mathematics for Physical Chemistry free download pdf ebook

About the book:

Unique in its approach, content, and perspective, this book helps readers bridge the application gap between mathematics and chemistry and to acquire a fuller set of mathematical tools necessary for such applications. Using an abundance of fully-worked examples, it shows step-by-step how to directly apply mathematics to physical chemistry problems. It features numerous problems, many multi-part, that use the symbolism found in standard physical chemistry books or involve actual physical chemistry equations. It offers full-chapter coverage of many important topics relegated to appendices in other books. It also provides a full chapter on numerical methods and computer programming showing step-by-step how to write programs to do numerical integration, and covers areas of advanced mathematics — e.g., differential equations and operator mechanics.

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  1. James R. Barrante

    Please eMail me a copy of the written permission given to you by Pearson Prentice Hall to give out free copies of my book, “Applied Mathematics for Physical Chemistry,” 2nd ed. For my records and for Stephen Barrante’s records, a graphics designer who did the cover design. Thank you.

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